About us

Yachting°com was founded in 2001. In the beginning, there was only one captain, who built a small
sailboat with his friends and thus earned the first spurs. Within a few years he explored the entire
Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic and the Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times, sailed to
the Arctic Circle, circumnavigated Iceland and inspired many others. He also dedicated himself to the
mediation of yachting and yacht traini ng. The foundation stone for one of the largest companies of
its kind was laid. Annually, it can register well over 3000 bookings.

Our most important mission today is to constantly improve the world and continue to share with our
customers the fun of sailing, supporting them on a broadest basis. Therefore, we made every effort
to offer more than 15,000 yachts, catamarans and houseboats. Our scope includes more and more
countries and continents. Every month we expand our offer and improve our search system,
communication and booking processes.

Our Central Office for Europe is located in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. is
now part of the major internet and marketing group WMC Grey, with branches in Germany, the
Netherlands and Czech Republic, which has led to further professionalization and expansion of its
offerings. We are currently regarded as the market leader in the country of founding, are among the
most important players in Europe and have ambitions to constantly improve the situation. Not only
because of our ability to offer the best deals, but also the unique surety insurance that we have
developed are two of many reasons why more and more customers choose our services.